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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mary's perspective ...

"My “holiness” wasn’t found in the choice to be obedient … but in the walking of the path that was never mine to plan."

"Merry Christmas and be sure to read my blogging friend Bina's post about a monologue she wrote and performed as Mary, mother of Christ.

It’s a funny thing…saying yes to God. We can say yes, fully sincere in our response but only because we hear what we want to hear…we take His directions on how to cross the street and use that to create a world map."


My story has been told so often.

Repeated in churches and storybooks. I have been portrayed as a woman above reproach.
Well I am here to tell you my story…and it all boils down to one word: control.

You have to understand the real me: five minutes before God’s glory showed up before me, I knew where my life was going. I considered myself fully-grown and fully wise. I was engaged to an upright man and was already doing all the same duties as my own mother. My life was laid out before me and I was confident in where it was going.

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  1. Um...it kinds pays to check out blogs, huh??? I am SO incredibly honored (a little late) by the fact that you linked this blog up! It was an amazing time of watching God work...thanks for sharing it :)