@sprightlyamyanne Instagram photos

@sprightlyamyanne Instagram photos

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I got to Tweet Up with some Seattle area Mom Bloggers for a night of pampering (mani/pedi/massage) at Swoon. What a treat!

The event was sponsored by Pledge! They have this great new all surface spray. (I've only been home 20 minutes and already my hubby has cleaned every surface in the house - he's hooked!) The funny thing is that last week my hubby saw the Pledge commercial on TV and ooohed and aaahed over it. (Yeah...for those of you who know my husband, this is something you don't know about him. He loves a clean and shiny surface! A man of many layers.) So when I got invited to this blogger shin-dig put on by Pledge and 5 Minutes for Mom...we both had a good laugh.

I loved meeting bloggers in the flesh! Usually the only 'meeting' I'm doing is in the virtual world so it was nice to chat face-to-face for a change. The above picture was taken by Susan at 5 minutes for Mom and in the picture is Shera from 5 Minutes for Faith and A Frog in My Soup, Maggie from MightyMaggie.com, me, Erin from PlinkPlink, Wendi B from Wendi’s Book Corner, Mona from kirida.com. The other bloggers in attendance were:

Leslie (aka Mrs Flinger) from Seattle Mom Blogs

Ellen from Zoom About Ellen

Michelle and Laura Young from Seattle Mom Blogs

Shannon from The Mommy-Files

Alexis AKA MOM


  1. It was an amazing night and I LOVED meeting you!


  2. It was fantastic meeting you in person! Thanks so much for coming.

    I had such a wonderful time... I wish we could hang out like that every week. LOL

  3. I wish we would have gotten more time to chat, but it was fantastic meeting you! Best wishes!