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@sprightlyamyanne Instagram photos

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hi friends!

I'm away camping with my family. (So ready to get away). Kate will be guest blogging while I'm away (THANKS KATE!)

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, the questions began. Anxiety drove me to buy a book aptly entitled Do’s & Don’ts of Pregnancy. I thumbed through it nearly every day when faced with a product or food item I thought might affect my lima bean of a baby.

Cohen made his entrance into the world quite peaceably and though I’m the oldest of seven kids and have spent innumerable hours babysitting, it only took me three days home from the hospital to come unraveled. How in the world could they send me home from hospital’s monitors and trained professionals without as much as a manual?!?!

My son’s now two so we did manage to successfully navigate the infant and baby stages with relatively few catastrophes. But I won’t lie… I was on the phone seeking advice a lot. The nurse, seasoned Mama friends, Le Leche specialists, and even my own Mom probably tired of the endless questions…

I bet they all wish Mamapedia would have been saved on my laptop’s favorites! Mamapedia is an incredible resource for parents with children of all ages…(we certainly know, the questions don’t stop popping up- currently, I want to know how convince a little boy he’s not tall enough to pee standing up?) The questions are posted from moms and so are the answers. I love this website! With over a million answers from the ones who know best, search by age options along with a key word search what else could a mom hope for?

Check out this great encyclopedia for all things mom and sign up! Ask questions. Give answers. Be part of a great new community for all kinds of moms!

Another great MOMMY resource is Mom Central, their forumns are super helpful!

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