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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Squeaky Clean Mystery Series!

Hello friends! You may remember a few months back I reviewed Christy Barritt's, Suspicious Minds on my blog! Check that out here!

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Elvis Has Left the Building…(well, actually, he’s UNDER it!)
Posted on September 27, 2008 by Joy

I haven’t laughed so hard reading a novel in a long time! Suspicious Minds, by Christy Barritt, is the laugh-out-loud hilarious story of crime scene cleaner and crime-scene-investigator-wannabe Gabby St. Claire (yes, a crime scene cleaner, as in the person that tidies up after the cops leave.) The story begins with Claire on the first day of a mold-remediation job where…

Suspicious Minds at The Cappuccino Life
Posted on September 5, 2008 by Margaret

I found this book a light read, but a good one. I love a good mystery and if it involves an Elvis impersonator, why, all the better! Romance is not my favorite genre (in fact, I don't much like it at all) but the romantic aspect in Suspicious Minds is secondary to the plot. The dead Elvis definitely comes first.

Review Suspicious Minds and Giveaway
Posted on September 4, 2008 by BookingMama

When I read the book's description, I thought it sounded like something I would probably like. Every once in awhile, I enjoy mysteries that tend to be on the lighter side; and I was curious how the author could incorporate the Christian angle into a murder mystery. I ended up really enjoying this book and its cast of characters.

Probably the most obvious comparison that came to mind when I read SUSPICIOUS MINDS was Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, except without the raunchy parts of course! The main character, Gabby, is a down-on-her luck crime-scene cleaner who somehow gets involved in solving murders. I thought Gabby was a terrific character and very well developed. She's also very funny and caused me to laugh quite a few times! I mean the book starts with Gabby finding a dead Elvis impersonator while crawling under an old, abandoned house -- you can imagine some of the puns and jokes based on this alone.

I thought the mystery aspect of the book was pretty well done too. I have to admit that I didn't figure out who dunnit until it was revealed to me, but it's possible that I was a little slow on the uptake. There were enough possible motives and suspects to keep the reader guessing for awhile (and if you're like me -- until the last few pages.) The suspects were all very unique and provided lots of enjoyment.

Christy is a wonderful story teller and she needs our help! A message from Christy...

Help Save the Squeaky Series!
I just got word from my publisher that better sales numbers are needed if the Squeaky Clean Mystery Series is to continue. The thought of not being able to finish Gabby's story with the third and final book in the series, Organized Grime, makes me incredibly sad. My only hope of finishing this series is if sales numbers of Hazardous Duty and Suspicious Minds increase by Spring.

That's why I'm writing you! I'm sponsoring a contest called "Help Save the Squeaky Clean Mystery Series."

The premise is easy: send me an email, using the contest name as the subject, and tell me what you've been doing to spread the word about Hazardous Duty and Suspicious Minds. The first place winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to christianbook.com. Second-place winner will receive a snazzy musical Elvis Christmas ornament and some incredibly cute crime-scene tape bandaids. Third place winner will receive either the ornament or bandaids.

Contest deadline is October 15. I'll be looking for entries that demonstrate you're really trying to spread the word--either through book clubs, blogs, word of mouth, visiting bookstores, etc. If you can tell me about any direct sales due to your efforts, your entry will get special notice. Winners will be announced the first week of November. If anyone is interested, I still have some postage-paid postcards about the books, as well as bookmarks, that I can send you. Just let me know!

Thanks in advance for all you're doing to spread the word about the series.

Christy Barritt


  1. I wrote a review, and I'm sending two copies out to winners this week! I loved the book!

  2. Christy's my November Author of the Month;-)