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Friday, October 03, 2008

SOS for PMS blog tour!

"It’s my hope that this book will bring help, hope and healing to moms who suffer from PMS. It’s been a source of despair in my own life but things are looking up now that I’ve developed my own coping plan. Those I interviewed for this book shared intimately about their own battles and I believe their stories, along with that of Callie’s (the main character in the book) will convince other women that it is possible to change their current response to PMS and encourage them to start today.”

—Mary M. Byers, author of The S.O.S. for PMS

"Kudos to Mary Byers who addresses PMS and the havoc it wreaks in families with truth and transparency. As a health professional, mother, wife and PMS sufferer, I welcome Mary’s approach and information. This book is packed with encouragement, practical advice and perhaps, most importantly, the affirmation that as women we are not alone and have a choice in how to respond to the chaos of PMS. Make the choice today to walk this journey with Mary as your guide.”
—Kathy Pride, RN, BSN, author of Winning the Drug War at Home

"Mary has done an excellent job in presenting helpful advice and recommendations on a very sensitive and confusing topic. Her book will help countless women at the mercy of PMS.”
—Dr. Angelique Rettig, MD, fellow of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

"I find Mary Byers to be very accurate and thorough in the topic of PMS. In this book she provides a logical and systematic approach to treatment of an often very destructive problem for women and their families.”
—Monica Ray, MD, fellow of American Academy of Family Practice

Catch the buzz about SOS for PMS: Practical Help and Relief for Moms! Follow the tour by clicking on the links below.

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Trish at Books for Moms


Beth at Mommy Come Lately

While that might not be what you want to hear, there is hope--and you'll find it in Byer's book. The S.O.S. for PMS is a concisely written, highly practical book. I read the book in one sitting. I could see myself handing it off to a friend and saying, "Here, read this. It's got great information in it--and it doesn't read like an encyclopedia or a medical textbook."That said, Byers has done her research.

Sunny at Life in the Estrogen Ocean

Mary is here to tell you the symptoms are real and you're not crazy. She offers practical, easy help to cope with those raging hormones that seem to attack each month. She talks about why it seems to get worse and gives a simple way to figure out the madness, without lunging for the medication first. Through Mary's gentle understanding and brutally honest testimony you'll learn how to read yourself and find what exactly bothers you most and how to deal with it. You don't have to turn into that scary monster any more.

Tabitha at Making it up as I go along
Let me tell you that this book couldn’t have come at a better time. It came at the right time as far as I was concerned since I was suffering from PMS. This book has been eye-opening in that I didn’t realize that some of what I was feeling was PMS-related. I have enjoyed the practical advice and am looking forward to implementing some of it next month. Well, not really enjoy the fact that I have PMS but that there are things that I can do to prevent from turning into witchy-woman and alienating my family.

Tricia at Genx Parents

Friends, this is a wonderfully helpful and practical and hopeful book. If you suffer from PMS or have a friend who does, GET THIS BOOK!

Christy at Christy's book blog

SOS for PMS by Mary M. Byers is an eye-opening, honest look at how premenstrual syndrome effects women and their families. Byers bravely tells about her own struggle with PMS that included depression, fatigue, and blow ups with her husband and children, some so extreme they verged on abuse. Byers promises that there is hope.

Kate at A Simple Walk

The deeper I got into the book, the more hopeful I became. Mary includes wonderful tips and reproducibles for charting your moods throughout the month for several months to see what symptoms of personal negativity are directly correlated to PMS. I am looking forward to following this plan and seeing what my results are. I am also looking forward to applying Mary's wonderful coping techniques and advice.

Tamera at Write Perspectives

Mary Byers' delightful new book

Tyora at FaithWebbin


In her latest book, Mary explores an often frustrating topic, the symptoms of PMS, and offers practical advice and encouragement for mothers. Readers will find comfort in the stories shared by other moms, realizing that they are not alone in their struggles with PMS.

Heather at Mumblings of a Mommy Monk

A new book that has a refreshingly honest approach to women's issues


Kim at Window to My World

Mary’s book contains both spiritually and physically sound advice, and for those who have not been successfully guided in the treatment of their PMS, this book is going to be a Godsend – literally!! Truly, this is a great PMS guidebook. It is written in an easy-to-understand, personable format that will appeal to a broad audience. I personally think that there will be many who will benefit from the knowledge contained in this book, and they will finally claim victory in this monthly battle!

Camy at Camy's Loft

With this book, you will find suggestions designed to inspire healthier lifestyles, relationships, and daily choices for all women.

Pam at Without Fear


Mary offers hope like a lifeline to a drowning victim, and I am grabbing onto it and holding on tight. Thank you, Mary! Your book has the capacity to change homes and families by allowing moms to recapture the lives they've lost.

Kelli at Mama Zen

I found this book entertaining and enlightening. There is some really good information here, and I hope to put it to use to lessen the monthly pain and strain at my house.


I will definitely be applying some of these helps to my own life and teaching them to my daughters as well.

Jamie at Surviving the Chaos

One thing I didn't miss while pregnant and nursing Charming was PMS. I did miss the feel good hormones that complement PMS in the intervening weeks, but the dark week of darkness, I can do without. I think Hubs could, as well, if his attitude this week is any measure. My family is all holding onto their hats and tip-toeing around me. And it's working. Because knowing is half the battle.


Virginia at You've Got Books


Angie at God Uses Broken Vessels

Luckily, I had the opportunity to interview Mary Byers about her book, The SOS for PMS: Practical Help and Relief for Moms. I'm sharing a little of what I learned. I hope it is helpful to you too.

Amy at The 160 Acre Wood


I opened this book up on Monday and started reading… and it was like I wrote this book.. the stories of the ladies.. it was like reading about my own emotions… splattered across a page… just raw and real. I started crying in the doctors office (which by the way leads to weird looks)… I wasn’t expecting to read about someone else going through issues like myself.

Christy at Split Ends

When I found out this book "The SOS for PMS" existed I literally said: "Praise God!"As I read Mary's book, I realized I was not alone in my struggles. Things are so bad some times, my husband knows to steer clear of me. I related to so many of the examples in the book it was scary, but also made me feel more at ease that no, it is not just my personality that makes me act like this, it's something many women struggle with.

Leah at Ponderings From My Heart

I thought this book was awesome! A much needed, very helpful, and yet understanding look at PMS and how to manage it. My mom and I have both read this book and we have nothing but positive things to say about. It's very practical and very encouraging. Get it for yourself and a friend. Make sure your hubby reads it too!

Revka at Our Family Porch

This is not the dull, put-you-to-sleep book I was dreading. Mrs. Byers' honesty about her own battle with PMS and her wry sense of humor keep this from being a "heavy" book. She opens each chapter with a short scene from a fictional character's life which illustrates topics that will be discussed in the following pages. The ongoing fictional story helped keep me interested, and I love the humor Mrs. Byers injects into this sub-story.

Tara at Feels Like Home

The S.O.S. for PMS isn't all about affirmations. It tells the stories of real women, all mothers, who are struggling with difficult PMS symptoms. It also contains suggestions for controlling PMS through diet and lifestyle changes.


Pam at Pam’s Private Reflections

Not only does Ms. Byers accurately describe what is like to live with acute PMS, she does so with compassion and humor. I had to laugh when I read her ten humorous meanings for PMS. My poor son thought PMS meant "Pass My Shotgun" for years. (Strangely, I don't even own a shotgun.) As a fellow sufferer of PMS, I was able to relate and will be using some of the suggestions myself. This is a great resource for anyone whose PMS seems to be getting worse as they age, or anyone suffering from cases of mild to severe pms.

Brittanie at A Book Lover Forever
I really liked this book. There is a lot of practical advice on how to deal with the various issues that come with P.M.S. I also learned about some things I did not know like to chart your symptoms. She even includes sample calenders and charts for you in the book. I also liked the mini story in the book about Carrie a fictional character who provides an example of PMS and what it can do for a woman and family. This book really opened my eyes. I highly recommend it.


Sarah at Real Life Blog
http://reallifereview.blogspot.com/2008/10/book-review-sos-for-pms.html I was talking to my hairdresser while reading this book in "the chair," and she told me a hilarious story. Long ago, she had gone out with a co-ed group of friends, and the women began talking about PMS. One woman chimed in, "Well, I don't really have a problem with PMS." At which point, EVERYONE else (including the men) turned to her and shouted, "YES, YOU DO!" Can you imagine how that must have felt?

Renee at S.A.G.A

The worst part of this book was recognizing myself in so much of it.

Margaret at Creative Madness




Amy at In Pursuit of Proverbs 31

I enjoyed this book. As a thirty-something mom who has only recently begun to experience real PMS I have to say this book was very informative. Mary gives you practical ways to decrease the symptoms associated with your monthly hormonal changes and encourages you strive for a healthier lifestyle- spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Susan at Scribbles

Catch the wonderful interview between Mary and Jill from CWAHMs !

Angela at All that Naz

Deena at Deena’s Bookshelf
Mary is thorough. She covers the wide range of symptoms and the variations of PMS diagnoses. She includes charts to help women track their symptoms, to better help their doctor with diagnosis.

Rachelle at Stifled Squeal
I think one of the things that sets this book apart from the others is the chapter about "PMS and Faith". I don't think there's a PMS-related book in the market today that tackles faith-related issues while being logical. The book is not only reader-friendly and insightful but also uplifting and helpful. It is still highly recommended!

Leticia at My Daily Trek

I recommend this book to every woman who suffers from PMS and even for husbands or boyfriends to try and understand what women have to endure every single month. It is not fun and can be stressful and downright painful. Women need understanding and compassion during this time. Yes, sometimes tempers will flare, emotions shift like the wind, but this book can help women to take control.

Laura at Light House Academy
Every month our attitude changes and we become short-tempered and more-demanding. Our husband and children learn to avoid mom during ‘that time of the month,’ if they are wise. Mary Byers has suffered with the same dramatic mood swings and other symptoms. As a fellow sufferer, she offers help, hope, and relief and she shares what she’s researched, discovered and tested.


  1. I hope this is the spot to leave a comment for the contest for this book. It sounds like a great book for those that endure the PMS and for those that "live" with them.

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