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Monday, September 08, 2008

Josey is headed to SIBERIA?

The blog tour kicks off September 8th! Check out the fun contest below!

Get Cozy, Josey by Susan May Warren: How do you get cozy when your new "home" is a frozen tundra? Josey's dreams of small-town Minnesota bliss melt away when her hubby's relocated to a Siberian village. No indoor plumbing...or junk food! But this feisty former missionary knows how to multitask: juggling toddler twins, empowering local housewives, spreading God's word - no worries, Josey. It's finding time alone with the man of her dreams that will take some real work!

Check out what people are saying about Josey's latest adventures!

Trish at Books for Moms

Martha at Our Family's Adventures
What I loved about it was the real factor Susan Warren put in, where I could really relate to Josey, because it was real life! The sprinkle of Russian words throughout the book adds to its realness to me and since I knew what they were saying, it added to the flavor of the book!

Deborah at A Cup of Joy
Now, here’s a book I L.O.V.E! Written by a former SEND missionary, this story tugged at my missionary heart strings. For all of you who have entertained the thought of being a missionary…roughing it in ol’ Siberia, say…here’s a way to experience it without leaving the comfort of your own home. Enjoy and may you be challenged as to how you may be involved in missions, whether by going or giving in some way.

Patty at Girlfriends in God

Amy at Amy’s Random Thoughts
I loved this book. I loved the story line, the characters and the location. If life seems to just be flying by and you can not seem to get a handle on things, you will relate to this character. Not many books make me giggle out loud, but I could picture Josey so clearly! HAHA! Susan May Warren could easily become one of your favorite authors!!!!

Heather at Mumblings of a Mommy Monk

Melody at Kids, Cakes, Dishes, Laundry…In That Order
This one became one of my favorite books of all time! Each of the three series I have read so far have been written in a completely different style. Have you ever noticed that when you find an author that you love, and you read every.single.thing. they've written, that after awhile they become predictable? That just doesn't happen with Susan's books. Even within a series, I was delighted by surprise endings. But each series was so different, that I just didn't know what to expect.

Jamie at Surviving the Chaos
As always, I love me some Susan May Warren.

Lauren at Baseballs and Bows and 5 Minutes for Mom (books)
These books are so fun to read. The humor is light; the message is upbeat. What I enjoy most about these books, however, is seeing myself in them! I have never lived without indoor plumbing in a remote corner of the world; but, like Josey, I strive to do what is best for my family as a wife and mother. While I dream big, I often fall so short. I am sure many of you have experienced this as well (at least I hope I am not alone). Laughing at Josey's experiences felt a little like laughing at my own foibles. Like Josey, I must remember to forgive others, forgive myself, and then move forward while cherishing my many blessings.

Melissa at Breath of Life
I reviewed the first two books over at 5 Minutes for Books, here and here. Now we come to the third installment of this series,Get Cozy, Josey! I admit, winter is my favorite season, but even I wouldn't brave the Russian frozen tundra! Our gal Josey is still flubbing her way through marriage, motherhood, and trying to find God's plan for her life. As usual, there are laughs and tears along the way

Kate at A Simple Walk
Susan May Warren does a wonderful job of supporting Josey's issues with accurate Biblical references, as well as humor and compassion. I finished this book feeling very satisfied and knowing that I truly learned a lot about myself. I love when a work of fiction can provide that feeling, and this book definitely fit that bill.

Deena at A Peek at My Bookshelf
What makes these novels so much fun isn't just Josey--although she's a sister-in-Christ hoot and a holler! No, it's the genuine voice that comes through every word. Our real life Sis in the Lord, Susan May Warren--she lived this journey.

Amy at My Friend Amy
Don't be turned off by the cover (I know it's a little frightening)--this book is a gem. Susan May Warren is the author that convinced me that Christian chick lit could work. Josey has such a strong voice...she's funny and determined and up for a challenge! By this, the third book, she has twins to chase after and the most difficult place yet to get used to. And it all unfolds with the same heart and humor of the other two books. We meet some brand new interesting Russian characters and Josey is challenged and stretched beyond what she thought she could endure. A true page turner! I honestly wouldn't mind following Josey and Chase around in books for the rest of their lives!

Lynetta at Open Book

I loved this book from the moment I opened it.

And head over to Susan's blog tour post and leave a comment telling her your favorite winter time activity or winter memory and be entered to win a Get Cozy gift basket!

The basket will be loaded with Godiva chocolate, Starbucks coffee, Harry and David Moose Crunch, gourmet hot cocoa, and a fab pair of snuvvy PJs!


  1. Hey! Karise from Blissfully Domestic- were you looking for book reviewers? Would love to do that!
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    Let me know!

  2. Hi there! I'm from BD as well, I'd love to review some books as well! If you can use me let me know!

    Great blog btw, I'm off to enter the contest now!

  3. Hi,
    Most folks say I am crazy, but I moved to northern Mn for the winter weather. I love nothing better than to curl up with a hot cup of tea and a good book, while the wind blows and it snows and the temp is form -20 to -40 degrees. It's best when school is cancelled and kids are curled up with me reading :)