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Sunday, June 01, 2008

So Young, Brave and Handsome

I fell in LOVE with Mr. Enger when I read Peace Like A River. His new book has just releaesed...go get it here!

Here's what he had to say about writing: The themes of violence and redemption will be familiar to fans of Peace Like a River, which has been noted for its understated Christian spirituality as well as its literary excellence. Enger takes pains to explain he's a Christian who writes novels, not a "Christian novelist." He doesn't work with a Christian publisher, and while his faith certainly informs what he writes, he says proselytizing is not one of his aims as a writer."On the other hand," Enger adds, "One reason Peace Like a River was successful is that it appealed to the spiritual side of people. But it didn't try to cram it down your throat. That made the spirituality palatable. You could choose to believe or not believe."

His heroes in this regard are Graham Greene and Walker Percy, both Catholic novelists whose faith is sometimes a complicated and even ambivalent part of their fiction."

Generally, if you write a story that's generous to readers and your characters, and move toward a strong conclusion without holding out or trying to convert people," Enger says, "then your readership can be wide. I don't think about the culture wars. I write stories that appeal to me, and sometimes they turn out to appeal to others, too."

I just ordered it...I can't wait!

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