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@sprightlyamyanne Instagram photos

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to fish...

These are taken from our Memorial Day camping trip. We went to Potholes...(outside Moses Lake, WA). See it's sunny (in some parts) of Washington...and it doesn't always (but has been since that weekend) rain in Washington.

How to fish in my family.

1. Find perfect spot on lake shore...make sure spot is far enough away from your vehicle so that you will be hot and sweaty by the time you reach it. Cast in your pole immediately. There is no time to lose.

2. Perfect form is important. You never know who might be watching...

3. After 3 minutes...get bored of waiting for the fish to bite. Eat half your sandwich.

4. Then eat the other half, all your chips, and an Izzy.

5. Three minutes after you eat,decide to reel in your pole and play in the water. Obviously there are no fish biting anyway. Afterall, you tried for at least ten minutes.

6. Or dance, sing and bounce around your papa until he has a fish on the line and then reel in his fish. Call it your own. She caught (reeled in) 17 fish that weekend. What a sport.

7. Or put your pole in the water, sit in your chair, become one with the fish, watch the water, and ignore everything else going on around you.
Aaahhh...family time.

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