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Monday, April 14, 2008

Busy Mom...Are you one?

Then check out today's stops on the blog tour for Lisa Bergren's The Busy Mom's Devotional!

Katrina at Callapidder Days
Book Giveaway: The Busy Mom's Devotional
I believe that in order to truly live a life of devotion, you need to be connecting with God daily (constantly!), ideally through prayer and studying His word. But I also know that there are times when that is a struggle: during those hazy first months with a newborn, the weeks when the kids keep getting one virus after another, etc. Books like The Busy Mom's Devotional are perfect for times like these. Every reading is appropriate for any day, any time, and each one points you toward God. (to read the rest go here)

Trish Berg at Books for Mom
The Busy Mom's Devotional
Lisa can show you how even 10 focused minutes each week can draw you closer to God, or as she calls it, God-ward. In less time than it takes to empty your e-mail inbox or drive your child to soccer, you can begin to develop a life of devotion to God one step at a time.

I LOVE this concept. I think as moms, we live with too much guilt. Guilt at no longer being a size 4. Guilt for losing our temper or not having supper ready on time. Guilt for not being the perfect wife, the perfect mom, or even for not knowing where that lost single sock went in the dryer.

We live on guilt. It feeds us, and creates a sense of insecurity and doubt about who we are.
(to read the rest go here)

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee
Blog Tour for "The Busy Mom's Devotional: 10 Minutes a Week to a Life of Devotion" by Lisa Bergren
I liked that this book is arranged into four sections, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Also, the author has a small place at the beginning of each devotional for the reader to jot down "Things on My Mind," so that the reader can let go of that list and devote herself to the insight at hand. There is also a section called, "What is God saying to me in this?" for the reader to jot down any thoughts about what she just read. "Making the scripture mine" is a place for the reader to make application, and "My prayer" encourages the reader to record her own prayers, notes, phrases, words, images, or whatever helps her express her response to the passage.

I began reading in the Spring section and thoroughly enjoyed Lisa's experiences in Italy with her young daughter. I found those pieces to be a breath of fresh air in the devotional genre. It was fun experiencing Italy vicariously through Lisa and her insights.
(to read the rest go here)

DeeDee at FiddleDeeDee
A Review, Giveaway, and a Confession
I received The Busy Mom’s Devotional, written by Lisa T. Bergren earlier this month. It sat by my computer, gathering dust. Along with some important correspondence that needed my attention. And a couple of corn chips.

In my defense, the book actually hid the corn chips, or they would not have been there long enough to get dusty.

And in the interest of full disclosure, the corn chips are no longer there. Feel free to come to your own conclusion.

I had lofty goals at the beginning of the month. My taxes would be completed on time, all thank you notes for Jensen’s birthday gifts (from March) would be written and mailed, and I would have read this devotional from cover to cover.

None of those things happened.

Therein lies the confession portion of this post.

This weekend, knowing the book tour was scheduled to begin, and I was up first, I finally picked up the book and cracked it open. After awhile, tears ran down my cheeks when I realized that Lisa T. Bergren wrote this book just for me.

I mean, she didn’t actually write “To DeeDee” in the acknowledgment or anything. But she might as well have. BTW, Lisa, in the next book you write for me, my name is spelled with two capitol D’s and it’s all together as one word. In case you were wondering.

First of all, let me address the title. The Busy Mom’s Devotional. Perfect. I mean, if you’re a mom, you’re busy. Unless you can afford a housekeeper, two nannies, and a personal chef.
(read the rest here)

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