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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Busy Mom...Are you one? Day 5

Here's more on Lisa's The Busy Mom's Devotional!

Lisa will be live on Blog Talk Radio's, MomCast Live on Tuesday...check her out! Details here.

Also, Lisa launched her own blog, The Busy Mom's Devo! Check it out: www.busymomsdevo.com

Sarah at Real Life
Having time with God's Word is one of the biggest challenges that has come with having children. The funny thing is that this is time I need it the most! When my toddler is covered in poop... and so is the bathroom..., my seven year old needs help with her homework, and I've just ruined my four year old's life because I won't let her wear a sundress in January, I NEED GOD'S GRACE!! Read the rest here.

Karla at Looking Towards Heaven
This is no watered-down devotional. It is designed to make you think and to help you focus on Him.One of the things that I love about it is that at the beginning of each session there is a spot titled Things on My Mind. Who of us doesn't have fifty gajillion things bumping around in our minds at any given moment. This is a place to write down those things - grocery lists, to-do lists... anything keeping you from being able to focus. Read the rest here.

Billie at Hearing the Music Amongst the Noise
Although, I don't always prioritize it, my heart's number one desire is to grow in my relationship with God. That is why Lisa Bergren's book The Busy Mom Devotional is the perfect devotional!

I really do not like superficial devotionals. Lisa does a really good job of giving you some realistic meat. She gives a passage of scriptures, a real life applicable story...and then a section to take the scriptures a step further. It's not superficial, it's applicable, and it only requires 10 minutes...which as a mom with young kiddos, can be a time achievable!

Read the rest here.

Melody at Slurping Life
The Busy Mom's Devotional, 10 Minutes A Week To A Life Of Devotion, truly provides busy moms a doable resource to begin reconnecting with their spiritual life. You may choose to read one devotional a day. You may choose to read one devotional per week taking time to return to the same devotional several times to complete your thoughts in order to reveal what God is saying to you. Either way, it works.

Lisa has written a devotional in a manageable format with relevant stories for busy moms. She captured me with devotional title number four..."Chocolate Intensity Prayer".
Read the rest here.

Revka at The Porch Light
I really like that Mrs. Bergren encourages women to just begin. While certainly not the final goal, 10 minutes a week spent with God is much better than none at all, and developing that little habit can easily lead to developing a daily habit. I know that I often feel guilty for not having devotions everyday; that guilt in turn leads to discouragement and the feeling that I shouldn't even bother because if I can't do it "the right way," it's no use doing it at all. God, however, isn't like that and doesn't wash His hands of us when we fail Him. He longs for us to spend time with Him and welcomes us whenever we come to Him.
Read the rest here.

Chris at Come To the Table
I found Lisa's writing refreshing. The BUSY Mom's devotional could be used in many different ways. I have a sweet friend who is a new believer. She would benefit from these short and yet rich devotions as she is learning and growing in Christ. I personally will put mine in my car and when I am waiting at the school, or in the orthodontist's office, or any of the many places I find myself waiting, this will be a wonderful and practical way for me to spend a few moments sitting at the feet of my Savior.

This book would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift or even a fun baby shower gift. To purchase the book or to learn more about Lisa you may go here.
Read the rest here.

Drea at Simple
I found it very refreshing and easy to read. I like devotionals that allow us to dig deeper into the scriptures.. yet give us a "illustration" to help us better apply things to ourselves. It helps me understand things better some days.I did wish this book was 365 devotionals.. rather than just 52 :-)I really like all of the ones Ive read so far... but this book is scheduled out to be "one devotional" a week... so 52 in the year.

Personally I dont think 1 time a week in study is enough. But like Lisa mentions in the book... we can honor Christ and spend time with Christ not only sitting down in prayer or reading devotionals/scripture... we honor Christ and grow closer to him through many things...
Serving Christ to me is a life style... and not just a structured "list" of things to do.

Even on those days that my children are sick...
I have a back ache...
my husbands busy working late...
and I have 5 loads of cloth diapers to do (HAHAH!)

I can still spend time in prayer during the laundry time...
during my time cooking (as long as a kid isnt stuck to my leg)...
as well as share Christ and the Word with my children throughout the day.
Read the rest here.

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