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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy Mom...Are you one? Day 4

Here's more on Lisa's The Busy Mom's Devotional!

Mary at Owlhaven
Busy Mom’s Devotional– giveaway!!
I was given a copy of Lisa Bergren’s Busy Mom’s Devotional not long ago to review. This book is geared towards young moms who are having a hard time finding time for devotions. This book is actually set up to be done as one devotion PER WEEK, which should be totally doable for any mom. I liked that each chapter of the book included stories of Lisa’s life– she has three kids of her own– and I also liked that the chapter even included the Bible verses themselves, so that if you happen to not have a Bible nearby, you can still get your Bible time in. Read the rest here.

Cindy at Still His Girl
You Want To Win This Book
...I've found a devotional book that I actually LOVE! Lisa Bergren's The Busy Mom's Devotional is perfect for me. It isn't so intense that I can't do it in addition to other studies I may be doing, but it isn't so light that it doesn't make a difference in my day, either. And for those seasons where I can't get my rear in gear and do much of anything, this would be perfect.

Hmmm... know any "Busy Moms"?

Know any moms who aren't busy?

Me, neither.So this book is a gift in that she encourages just 10 minutes a week. Heck, I can do that when I'm hiding in the bathroom from my kids during my fairly regular weekly near-breakdown. Everyone can find 10 minutes a week. And truly, those 10 minutes can be POWERFUL.As soon as I saw the set-up of the book, I knew it was good. Organized in four "seasons" rather than dated, there is no guilt in falling behind, which is fabulous for this girl who carries around enough false guilt as it is.

I'm thinking I'd love to have Lisa over for lunch. Well, maybe that is an exaggeration because I would need to clean and cook in order to do that.

I'd love to go OUT to lunch with Lisa.

She is inspiring yet transparent, fun and thoughtful. Her book challenged me to try to find a devotional thought in my own day; something typical and normally easily overlooked that reflects God or teaches me something about His character. Read the rest here.

Lauren at Baseballs and Bows
The Busy Mom's Devotional
The Busy Mom's Devotional by Lisa Bergren is a great book to grab when you are feeling frazzled. Filled with 52 devotions inspired by Lisa's own experiences, this book is a wonderful resource when you need to center your thoughts on God.

Lisa suggests several ways to use this book, and I found the perfect use for myself. On many days, I am in the pick-up line at my son's school just long enough to read one section. By late afternoon, I am beginning to feel the wear and tear from the day, and this is a great way for me to refuel and concentrate on what really matters before the craziness begins again.
Read the rest here.

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