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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy Mom...Are you one? Day 2

Here's more on Lisa's The Busy Mom's Devotional!

Cindy at Ponderings of the Heart
The Busy Mom's devotional - A Giveaway
I love this devotional because it promises NOT to make you feel guilty if you can't get to it everyday. And we all know that Satan does a good enough job of making us all feel guilty enough all on his own. Matter of fact - it is written in such a way that you do one devotional a week. It is divided into the seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. When I received it, I began reading at the end of Winter and moved right into Spring. Lisa's stories about her family will warm your heart and you will love how she relates it all so well to our spiritual journey with God.
Read the rest here.

Pam at Without Fear
Busy Mom's Devotional: A Review
Told you here I had a great opportunity to share with you this week! I just had the privilege to read a great devotional that any busy mom would be happy to add to her bookshelf, night stand, or bathroom basket. Here are four things that cause me to give this book a "hurrah"...
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Jennifer at Snapshot
The Busy Mom's Devotional
When one says "Mom," does it ever need the adjective of "busy" to qualify it? Women today are often managing family, work, hobbies, housework, friends and other relationships, carpool, sports. . . . the list goes on and on.For me, staying tied in to my faith helps me balance all of these elements, and hopefully with a better attitude. Regular Bible study, prayer, and devotional thoughts of other moms in the trenches fuels my resolve.Lisa Bergen's The Busy Mom's Devotional fits the bill in so many areas:
Read the rest here.

Melody at Kids, Cakes, Dishes, and Laundry...in that order
"The Busy Mom's Devotional"...Deja Vu!
From the minute I opened the package I knew I was going to like Lisa. My package came straight from Lisa herself, and included a personal note written to ME, and it totally cracked me up! This wasn't some stuffy writer who was going to tell me how I should be doing my devotions...properly. This was a real woman who struggles with the same things I struggle with (ie. daily life with kids, a husband, and a "To Do" list that is out of control), and I liked her immediately!
Read the rest here.

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