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Monday, January 07, 2008

Agenda Amy...

This is on the women's blog at my church...

I don't know WHO could possibly be like that!

Agenda Wendy

Agenda Wendy. This is the name my husband calls me when I get in my agenda mode.

Agenda: a list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon.

Agenda Wendy has a plan. Something occurred to her that would be a really good thing to do. There’s nothing wrong with that. But then woe to the obstacle that gets in Agenda Wendy’s way. Agenda Wendy becomes singularly focused on her agenda and either runs over or resents anyone who gets in her way. Agenda Wendy doesn’t appreciate interruptions.

Here’s the problem with Agenda Wendy. One—she assumes that all reasonable people will value her agenda as she does. Two—she views interruptions as barriers to God’s sovereign purposes (i. e. her agenda) rather than His purposes themselves. Here’s what Agenda Wendy is learning.

1) I need to stop and listen to interruptions. Many important lessons of Jesus were started with “interruptions”. Young men interrupting Jesus’ teaching by lowering their paralyzed friend from the roof. A woman interrupting His journey by touching the hem of His robe for healing.

2) God is sovereign over my interruptions. Barriers to my agenda aren’t out of God’s control. They aren’t sneaky Satanic ploys to distract me from my good plan. The interruptions ARE God’s plan.

3) I need to listen to opposing agendas and not resent those who don’t share mine. Often my husband doesn’t share my vision. After discussing, I realize we are often on the same page on the BIG IDEA but we differ on the specifics of how to carry it out. I need to listen seriously to his differing view and not resent him for holding it.

Agenda Wendy is making strides. She is learning to take off her Agenda cape and listen to those around her. She is learning that she is not the only person out there with good ideas and that those affected by her agenda ought to have input into it. Most of all, she is learning that God is in control of the interruptions and to look for His hand in them.

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  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for the feedback.
    Also it is so fun to know you in real life now! :)

    I need to make my own "Agenda Adriel" confessional post... ;-)