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Monday, June 25, 2007

Top 10 Signs You Are A Blogging Addict!

How to know if you are a Blogging Addict
by Scott Thomas (one of my pastors) from the Acts 29 blog

I have met some bloggers out there and they are all interesting in their own way. Anybody who is excited to put their ideas, pictures, random thoughts, ramblings on the web for anyone to see has to be partly nuts. Some give it a go for a short time and find it taxing to regularly write things the whole world can see and a few might find interest. Others become addicted to blogging. It is these cats that I write about.

Top Ten Signs You are a Blogging Addict

1. You technorati yourself daily

2. You prefer blog commenting over actually talking to people

3. You have thought about live blogging your "interactive marital event"

4. You call other bloggers by their blog names, "Hey Tall Skinny Kiwi"

5. You think about blog subjects while on the toilet

6. You have more than ten RSS Feeds in which you subscribe

7. You have commented on your own blog with a pseudonym

8. You tell friends you could quit blogging anytime you want

9. You have blogged from your cell phone

10. You are not satisfied with blogging. Now you are a twitter!

Any of you relating?

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