@sprightlyamyanne Instagram photos

@sprightlyamyanne Instagram photos

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sprightly Green Sprigs of Newness

Hello and nice to meet you all.

Here is a new blog about life....

I'll be blogging about all my favorite stuff: books, food, God, food, movies, food, my kids, food, culture, and of course, all things related to food!

For now here's a funny video I found on another blog...

We were just at Universal last year.

I can so relate to the kids with the "ice-cream-eating-parents". I am that parent.

In fact, I don't think my kids have ever eaten something I did not first take a bite from.

Pretty sad...and I'm not exaggerating!

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  1. Amy Anne, I would love to do the blog tour! Can you give me a time frame, as I have a really hectic 6 or 7 weeks ahead of me? That would help me plan my time. Thanks for asking me!